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Tibet’s Vegetarian Debate

How do Tibetans reconcile the tension between meat-eating and the compassionate outlook espoused in the Buddhist teachings? The new Food of Sinful Demons provides fresh perspectives on this question.

By Holly Gayley

Trike Daily

Food of Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Teachings on Abstaining from Meat

Due to Buddhist teachings on nonviolence and compassion, people often assume that Buddhists are vegetarians. Indeed, many Tricycle readers cried foul after we ran a recipe in the Winter 2010 issue that listed chicken as an ingredient. One letter to the editor said, “I feel this [recipe] is as disturbing in your magazine as it […]

By Sam Mowe

Trike Daily

The Meat Question

I don’t know the answer to the Meat Question. Is it OK to kill a sentient being for food? What are the environmental impacts of eating meat? What are the health issues? Whatever side you’re on, you probably have a ready-made (and passionate) response to the Meat Question. You might be judging me for not […]

By Tricycle

Trike Daily

Paul McCartney’s little Buddha

Legendary Beatle and committed vegetarian Paul McCartney acknowledges that he travels with a portable Buddha statue on hand: ‘I think candles started it and then somebody brought in a little Buddha. So then we suddenly got this,” he said, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. In 2008, McCartney caused a bit of a Buddhist stir when […]

By Tricycle
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