On Sunday, December 12th, the 2010 Blogisattava Award Winners’ names were posted. The awards were revived by bloggers Nate DeMontigny of Precious Metal and Kyle Lovett of The Reformed Buddhist, who did a great job getting the word out to the Buddhist blogging community. The judges included Rev. Danny Fisher, Tanya McGinnity, Barbara O’Brien and Andy Lambert; the graphics were provided by Anoki Casey from BuddhaBadges and DharmaDots.

The Winners:

Best Achievement with Humor in a Blog or Blog Post
Sweep the dust, Push the dirt – Blogger: John Pappas

Best Achievement in Wide Range of Topic Interests Blogging

Buddhist Geeks – Blogger: Group Blog

Best Achievement in Design

21awake – Blogger: Rohan Gunatillake

Best Engage-the-World Blog

Smiling Buddha Cabaret – Blogger: Marnie Louise Froberg

Best Achievement Blogging Opinion Pieces or Political Issues

Dangerous Harvests – Blogger: Nathan Thompson

Best Achievement in Kind and Compassionate Blogging

Discovering the Divine Connection – Blogger: Emily Horn

Best Blogging on Matters Philosophical, Psychological or Scientific

Wandering Dhamma – Blogger: Brooke Schedneck

Best “Life” Blog

Cheerio Road – Blogger: Karen Maezen Miller

Best Buddhist Practice Blog

Mind Deep – Blogger: Marguerite Manteau-Rao

Best Achievement Blogging on Buddhist Practice or Dharma

The Meditative Gardener – Blogger: Cheryl Wilfong

Best Achievement in Skilled Writing

Wandering Dhamma – Blogger: Brooke Schedneck

Post of the Year!

Sweep the dust, Push the dirt  – Post: Point of Contact – John Pappas

Blog of the year, Svaha!
The Jizo Chronicles – Blogger: Maia Duerr

Congratulations to all the finalists and the winners!

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