Today, the first post of Acharya Judy Lief’s commentary on the 59 mind-training (Tib. lojong) slogans was posted on Tricycle‘s website. Judy will continue writing comments on the slogans every week throughout the coming year. See all the 59 slogans here.

Judy prefaces her series of comments with a bit of history: a brief retelling of the story of Atisha (980-1052 CE) who revitalized Buddhism in Tibet and brought the secret lojong teachings to the roof of the world. Initially the teachings were a closely guarded secret, but now, to the great good fortune of us all, they are available for the world to study.

It brings us great pleasure to be able to offer this to our readers, and we thank Acharya Judy Lief for generously providing us all with this teaching. It’s going to be a great year!

Read the first post in this series here.

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