I’m growing tomatoes on my balcony. The latest development is actual tomatoes!

This one got redder and was joined by two others. There are several in various stages of green-orangeness. The main problem with the overall plant’s growth is lack of superstructure. Next summer I’ll get one of those green wire fences to give the vines something to cling to (see the wooden stake, found on the street downstairs, as part of a feeble attempt to provide same.)

The weather in New York has been quite warm, over 90 degrees just about every day for the past two or three weeks, with several days over 100, and nights dipping as low as the low-70s. The tomato plants often appear quite withered in the early evenings, which is not a problem according to various anonymous sources around the internet.

The three or four tomatoes that have been eaten so far have been delicious!

Thanks to Daishin and others for their kind words and expertise throughout.

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