Burma’s Rohingya Muslim minority, who live mainly in the west of the country by the border with India, are facing extinction according to Cutting Edge News:

A few years ago, the UNHCR [Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees] forcibly repatriated at least 230,000 Rohingyas back to Burma, but many have returned, unable to survive in their homeland. One refugee said: “As long as human rights abuses continue in Burma, we cannot go back. We are caught between a crocodile and a snake. Where can we go?” Another expressed their dilemma, and statelessness, equally starkly: “The Bangladesh authorities say we are from Burma. The Burmese regime says we are Bengali. Where should we go?”

In depressingly familiar news from India’s teardrop, 22 people were killed early today in a suicide attack in Anuradhapura, an ancient capital of Sri Lanka.

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