Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei gave a teaching recently at New York City’s Japan Society. Her topic was the art and calligraphy of Hakuin, in particular the image, “Nin,” at right. Myotai is the guiding teacher of the Hermitage Heart sangha in Garrison, New York.

The Hakuin exhibition continues at Japan Society until January 16th, at which it will go to New Orleans Museum of Art from February 12th to April 17th, 2011, and from there to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, from May 22nd to August 17th, 2011. The show is stunning: if you’ll be in southern Louisiana or southern California when it’s around, don’t miss it.

Leading up to the Japan Society event, which took place December 4th, Myotai wrote the following:

Is it possible to master the heart? What is the balance point of patience and perseverance? The Japan Society has created a kind of temple dedicated to the heart-mind with the gathering together of the direct, poignant (and often joyful!) scrolls of Master Hakuin (1685-1768). The dharma talk and meditation will focus on one particular image and poem in the exhibition of Hakuin’s art, The Sound of One Hand, “Nin.”

Tricycle was there to film Myotai’s teaching. Enjoy!

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