Here at Tricycle headquarters in New York City we’re bracing for Winter Storm Jonas, which could dump up to foot three feet of snow on us by Sunday afternoon. And, if you live east of the Mississippi, you’re likely in for some unpleasant weather as well during the next few days.

This weekend is turning out to be an excellent time to stay inside (if you even have a choice), curl up with a blanket, cup of tea, and catch up on your Tricycle watching and reading.

There are three parts of Deborah David’s online retreat, “Living Mindfully,” and a fourth comes out on Sunday afternoon. The talks explore a way to create and maintain a personal mindfulness practice.

January is winding down, and it’s the penultimate weekend to watch this month’s Tricycle Film Club selection, “Examined Life.”

And if you’re catching up on reading, here’s what’s new on Tricycle this week:

And from the Winter 2015 issue:

And here’s some reading beyond Tricycle:

  • Religious, Spiritual, and “None of the Above”: How did mindfulness get so big (Religion Dispatches)
  • Seven ancient Buddhist caves discovered in India (Times of India)
  • This Japanese monk teaches Buddhism at a planetarium instead of a temple (Motherboard)
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