We have a new addition to the Tricycle office—of the hairy persuasion. One of our editors started bringing her 13-year old Spaniel and Collie mix, Scout, to work. I’ve noticed the shift in the mood of the office since this pooch began parading around. Is it my imagination or is everyone more relaxed, friendlier, and even happier? Scout makes his rounds when he arrives each morning to scope out the scene. He is low-key but inquisitive and his visits to individual staff produce smiles and increase the general well-being of those he comes in contact with. Do you have an animal in your life that brings you happiness or keeps you in the present moment—or disturbs your meditation every day? Find the answer to the age-old question if dogs can have Buddha-nature in “Dharma Dogs” from the spring 1999 issue of Tricycle.

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