I’m a real sucker for good news lately. We hear so much of the bad.

A lot of you have probably heard about the Cambodian Buddhist temple in Rochester, Minnesota, that has been repeatedly vandalized—shrubbery uprooted, a spray-painted “Jesus Saves” message, and so on—but here’s something to feel good about from the Post-Bulletin—a Christian group has come to the temple’s aid:

With simple actions—pulling weeds, mowing grass, planting hostas—a group of volunteers sent some big messages Saturday afternoon at the Cambodian Buddhist temple in southeast Rochester.

Around 25 volunteers from Carefest, an annual church-organized volunteer event, spent the day doing landscape work at the temple, which has been repeatedly targeted by vandals since it opened in 2003

Jon Harris, a 14-year-old Carefest volunteer, says “We aren’t prejudiced. We care about everybody.”

So let’s hear it for Carefest!

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