David Rome’s Tricycle Retreat, Focusing for Meditators, has brought together a wide and diverse international audience. Questioners from Italy and the UK are discussing th practice of focusing with David.

One questioner asks:

Wonderful stuff. Can you say more about “change[ing] the quality of your attention.. to be more sensitive to the subtle texture of your lived experience”… Is this similar to the 3rd foundation of mindfulness? Is attention to “felt sense” similar to choice-less awareness in the torso…?

Thanks for your instructions… much metta.

David replies:

I recommend that you not try to compare or contrast with other experiences and concepts, especially at the beginning. Assume that it’s NOT the same and be open to fresh possibilities. (Later on you may find that your understanding of even the old concepts has changed!)

Interested in learning more about the practice of Focusing? Join the retreat here.

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