Welcome to our six-week online video course with Dharmavidya David Brazier, a psychotherapist and head of the Amida Order, an international Pure Land Buddhist community. With a background in both Soto Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, each week Brazier will be leading us through six foundational teachings of the Pure Land path. This week, in this bonus seventh video, Brazier addresses a common misconception: isn’t Pure Land the same as Christianity?

Foundations of Pure Land, Week 1: Other Power.
Foundations of Pure Land, Week 2: Honen’s Legacy.
Foundations of Pure Land, Week 3: Chanting the Nembutsu.
Foundations of Pure Land, Week 4: The Pure Land Take on Mindfulness.
Foundations of Pure Land, Week 5: Social Engagement.
Foundations of Pure Land, Week 6: Art and Tradition.

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