The following appeared in Rochester Zen Center’s publication, Zen Bow volume XXXIII number 1. The age of the author, Sage McDonald, is given as 8-3/4:

I love to live in a good environment. It helps us live comfortably and I am sure we want to live in comfort. The air is clean instead of bad molecules in the air. This is how we can help:

  1. Be vegetarian.
  2. Not drive big cars which drink lots of gas.
  3. Clean up garbage.
  4. Recycle.

Without a good environment, we would not be alive. We would not have healthy water to wash and drink. We would not have vegetables and crops. We would have no trees and plants and green stuff. It connects with Buddhist teachings through compassion and loving the world.

Take Sage’s advice and do your part! Zen Bow is online here. Subscribe by writing to: Zen Bow Subscriptions Desk Rochester Zen Center 7 Arnold Park Rochester, NY 14607 The cost for US subscriptions is $20 for 4 issues and $40 for 8 issues. [Image: Shreyans Bhansali]

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