Green Meditation is the newest big idea to come from Clark Stand’s blog Whole Earth God. (The last was iReligion.) We gave you a brief rundown of it here, and Clark has followed up on his original post on his blog. Here’s a taste:

The current imbalance between theology and ecology (which weights the value of human culture more heavily than the Earth) is at the root of our 21st century ecological crisis. That crisis was at least 10,000-12,000 years in the making, so it won’t be righted in a day. The rebalancing of a species that has lost its niche in nature is necessarily a lengthy process, just as it took a very long time for us to lose that niche in the first place. A certain kind of thinking got us into this problem, and it will take a very different kind to get us out of it again. But it won’t happen in a small way. And it won’t happen fast. That is mostly what I mean when I speak of Green Meditation. “Green” doesn’t refer to the emphasis of our thinking, its focus, or to its “color.” It indicates an altogether different scale of mind.

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