“When we are able to dwell in the experience of naked intrinsic awareness, we will not be disturbed by negative thoughts or emotions. They simply dawn as expressions or display of the fundamental rigpa awareness and are naturally liberated into it, very much like the way waves dissolve back into the very ocean from where they originate.”

-Younge Khakyab Rinpoche

I recently came across this quote on the Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association website.  My old friend Pema Choephel, who I used to work with at Himalayan Art Resources, sent me a link to info on NWTCA’s Thanksgiving Retreat with Younge Khakyab Rinpoche (November 25-28) that he is helping to organize.  It seems like a great program: open talks on meditation, Buddhism for the Digital Generation, and the Rime (non-sectarian) tradition of Tibetan Buddhism on day one, a Chod Empowerment (ritual Tibetan-Vajrayana practice meant to cut through inner fixations, fears, and external obstacles) on day two, and teachings on the essence and view of Dzogchen practice on days three and four.  To anybody in the Portland, OR area, I recommend checking it out!


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