Every March, we invite you to re-commit to your meditation practice, or perhaps start a new practice on the cushion, with Meditation Month. If you choose to accept our challenge of sitting every day of the month, we’ve got your back. You can look forward to a weekly guided video meditation, meditation-themed newsletters (sign up below), and access to a Facebook discussion group where you can interact with fellow practitioners across the globe (join here).

Starting on Monday, March 6, Insight meditation teacher Ruth King will offer you a weekly guided meditation on our blog, Trike Daily. The videos are free to watch and will be posted every Monday.

In these guided meditations, King, who is the founder of Mindful Members Insight Meditation Community of Charlotte, North Carolina, will present four practices for ungripping the heart and mind, based on the four foundations of mindfulness [mindfulness of the body, of sensations and feelings, of mind and consciousness, and of the Buddhist teachings].

The schedule is as follows:

In addition to King’s meditation videos, we’ll have articles throughout the month dedicated to meditation and practice from teachers like Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and Sharon Salzberg, as well as Tricycle contributing writers.

Happy sitting!

PS: Just a reminder to subscribers that there are e-books in our collection, including Tricycle Teachings: Meditation and Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, Vol. 2, to support your practice.

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