Tibet Rally, Union Suare, New York, April 13, 2008

Philip Glass’s opera “Satyagraha” premiered at the Metropolitan Opera on Friday. Here’s some video from it, and a review from the New York Times. For more Satyagraha events, visit the Satyagraha Forum.

In Union Square today, not far from the Gandhi statue, there was a huge pro-Tibet (or more properly, anti-China) rally. I took a couple pcitures with my crummy cellphone camera. The picture here is one of them. You can faintly see the Empire State Building and equestrian George Washington statue in the dark distance. It was well-attended: a couple hundred people, even though the day was gloomy: cold and dismal, with occasional light rain.

And more on the rising cost of food. Americans spend less on their food than anyone else in the world, rich or poor, so even the collapsing U.S. economy won’t hurt American food-buyers as much as the rising prices around the globe. The very poorest of us, as usual, suffer first, most, and longest.

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