Vincent Horn, Buddhist GeeksRichard Eskow attended the 2011 Buddhist Geeks conference and sank his teeth into a lot of meaty ideas that he’s still chewing on. (Apologies to Richard for that overdone metaphor.)

He spoke to teacher and translator Ken McLeod soon after the conference ended and discussed a wide range of topics, including the almost-taboo subject of paying for the dharma. Not long after that, Richard spoke to the cofounder and Chief Geek of Buddhist Geeks, Vincent Horn, and this conversation we are happy to present below, in two parts.

Vince is no stranger to the audio interview game—Buddhist Geeks is now on episode number (prepare your mind to be boggled…) 249! (It’s trainer/Zen practitioner/psychology professor Rob McNamara.) The Buddhist Geeks 2012 conference will be held August 9th to 11th in Boulder, Colorado—more info here.

Listen to Vincent Horn and Richard Eskow discuss Buddhist Geeks, technology, hippies, and cynicism below.

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