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Bodhin Kjolhede is the roshi and abbot of the Rochester Zen Center in Rochester, New York. Founded by Philip Kapleau in 1966, RZC is one of the oldest and largest centers of Zen practice outside Asia.

Roshi Kjolhede is leading the January Tricycle Retreat, The Precepts as Practice, and speaks to us in the Tricycle Talk about whether “enlightened masters” can move beyond the need to follow the precepts, how the precepts differ from the Ten Commandments, and how someone who has fallen off the wagon and is not living according to the precepts can get back on track.

This week’s retreat teaching focuses on the closely related 6th and 7th precepts—not criticizing others and not praising oneself—and explores methods for breaking free from the bad habit of pointing out our own faults in others.

Previous Tricycle Talks have featured Ken McLeod in conversation with Richard Eskow, filmmaker Ed Herzog, Patrick Groneman of the ID Project, and Bon teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

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