For a Tibetan Buddhist approach to preparing for death, join us at the Tricycle Book Club where we are discussing Anyen Rinpoche’s new book Dying with Confidence. The conversation is being facilitated by Allison Graboski, the translator of the book, and Eileen Cahoon, the editor.

From Dying with Confidence:

Help a Dying Person Who Is Not Buddhist
People are very open at the time of death. Talk to them about lovingkindness and bodhichitta. Remind them to let go of any anger, sadness, or fear, to accept what is happening, and to stay calm. Ask them to focus on the top of their head and to visualize any spiritual teacher or great being of wisdom with whom they feel a connection. Help them to have pure motivation at the moment of death by directing their thoughts toward good wishes, prayers for future lives, and what kind of person they wish to be in the next life. If they do not believe in future lives, then they can simply send love and compassion out to others. That will be of great benefit to them. We can also remind them that everyone is going to die; they are not alone in facing death.

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