infographic about Buddhism in Virginia

Estimated number of Buddhist centers: 56

Portion of the population that identifies as Buddhist: 1% 

Number of counties (out of 95 in the state) where Buddhism is the second-largest religion (after Christianity): Seven

Distance walked along the Richmond Slave Trail during a “slave trade meditation vigil” held in 2008 by the Ekoji Buddhist Temple1.8 miles

Height of Virginia’s tallest stupa, located at the Samchen Chöling Retreat Center in Charlottesville: 35 feet

Volumes of Tibetan language literature in the University of Virginia Library: 17,576

Number of consecutive years in which Tibetan monks have created a sand mandala at the American Theatre in Hampton: 21

Number of Tricycle Subscribers: 470

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Data from BuddhaNet’s World Buddhist Directory; Pew Research Center; Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies 2010 U.S. Religion Census; Dixie Dharma by Jeff Wilson; UVA Tibet Center; Kagyu Thubten Chöling Monastery; Veer Magazine (August 7, 2018); The American Theatre; and Forest Dhamma Monastery