buddhism in south korea infographic

Estimated number of temples: 9,000

Portion of  the population that identifies as Buddhist: 21%

The number of Buddhist media outlets: At least four

  • Buddhist Broadcasting System
  • Buddhist Cable TV Network
  • Buddhist Television Network
  • Hyundae Bulgyo Buddhist Newspaper

The year Buddhism was first introduced to Korea by a monk traveling from China: 372 CE

The country’s highest pagoda (Palsangjeon, at Beopjusa Temple): 74.5 feet

The approximate number of wood blocks used in the 13th century to carve the Tripitaka Koreana, the Korean (Mahayana) canon: 80,000

Number of temples participating in Templestay, a cultural program that allows visitors to experience monastic life: 32

Number of Tricycle subscribers: 10

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Data from BuddhaNet, Korean Census (2005), Asia Society, Korean General Social Survey (2016), Templestay, and BBC.

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