The Heart Sutra, or the Heart of Wisdom Sutra, succinctly expresses the core of the teachings called ‘Wisdom’: the fundamental emptiness of all concepts, including traditional Buddhist teachings. In this Dharma Talk, Roshi Enkyo offers a contemporary perspective on the profound insights of the Heart Sutra, and how they can liberate us from narrow views of scripture, of truth, and what we call reality itself.

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, PhD, is the abbot of the Village Zendo in lower Manhattan. A Soto Zen Priest and certified Zen Teacher, she is a lineage holder in both the Soto and Rinzai lines of Zen Buddhism through the White Plum Lineage. She currently serves as the Guiding Spiritual Teacher for the New York Center for Contemplative Care. Enkyo Roshi’s focus is on the expression of Zen through caring, service, and creative response. Her Five Expressions of Zen form the matrix of study at the Village Zendo: Meditation, Study, Communication, Action, and Caring.