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The Three Beautiful Roots: Cultivating the Three Wholesome Qualities in Unwholesome Times

Joshua Bee Alafia

joshua bee alafia

How can we find the courage to have alobha, to give freely without attachment; adosa, to let go of aversion and punitive actions and live with integrity; and amoha, to gain insight into the nature of things without delusion? In this dharma talk, we will learn to practice the three beautiful branches of dana (giving), sila (moral integrity), and bhavana (cultivation, meditation), and to live as heart-centrically as we can.

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Focusing for Meditators: Accessing the Wisdom of the Felt Sense

David Rome

focusing for meditators

The practice of Focusing builds directly on the mental skills of mindfulness and awareness in order to develop action-oriented intuitive insights into the challenges we encounter “off the cushion.” Using contemplative methods from Western psychology and philosophy, Focusing puts us in touch with the subtle level of experience known as the felt sense, where the non-conceptual wisdom of the body can be unfolded.

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Dharma Talks Archive
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