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How to Fight Injustice Without Hating

Valerie Brown

Based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings of engaged Buddhism and the Plum Village tradition, this course offers practices to help ground ourselves amid the negativity and injustice that we face. From a peaceful center, you’ll discover how to skillfully respond to strong emotions that may arise while engaging in social causes.

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Finding Joy in Uncertainty

Jon Aaron
Jon Aaron

In this Dharma Talk series, you’ll learn how to approach the uncertainties of life and find real happiness in a seemingly collapsing world. Jon Aaron, a teacher at the New York Insight Meditation Center, invites us to embrace the uncertainty of each unfolding moment as an antidote to despair and anxiety.

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A New Paradigm for Science and Religion

B. Alan Wallace
B. Alan Wallace

Since the time of Galileo, science and religion have increasingly appeared to be at odds, with religion slowly but surely losing the battle, B. Alan Wallace observes. His series presents a paradigm in which science and religion join together in a spirit of radical empiricism and open-minded, experiential inquiry.

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The Steadying Power of Patience

Dawn Scott
buddhist power of patience

Patience, one of Buddhism’s ten paramis (perfections), is a steadying force that supports us during times of trial and stress. Insight Meditation teacher Dawn Scott explains how to cultivate this noble and essential attribute and how it can reveal a wealth of meaning in everyday experiences.

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Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home

Larry Rosenberg: Long Path Home

This biographical portrait tells the remarkable story of renowned insight meditation teacher and author, Larry Rosenberg, and how his life-long search for self-discovery has helped thousands find freedom from suffering. Stream the film now through February 4, 2022!

By Marty Ostrow


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