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The Conditions for Ethical Well-Being and Happiness

John Peacock

Why do ethics matter? As soon as we ask the questions ‘How do we live?’ and “What do we do?’ we are in the territory of ethics. Are Buddhist ethics simply reducible to the so-called ‘ethical’ (sīla) portion of the Ennobling Eightfold Path (speech, action, livelihood)? Or is the whole of the path, all eight […]

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The Four Noble Truths: Living Life with Purpose

Lama Aria Drolma

The Four Noble Truths are the core foundation of Buddhism, offering profound insights into the very nature of human existence. The Four Noble Truths state that suffering is inevitable and an inherent part of existence. There is a cause of this suffering, there is an end to the suffering, and there is a definite path […]

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Dharma Talks Archive
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