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The Art of Somatic Mindfulness

Lama Willa Blythe Baker

Lama Willa Blythe Baker helps us access the body’s wisdom through an exploration of the four layers of embodiment: the physical, energetic, mental, and integrative. These layers are increasingly subtle, and Lama Miller explains how we can develop our awareness as we attune to them. By learning to listen more closely to our bodies, we can open our hearts and liberate our minds, opening the door to a deeper engagement with the world. 

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Guidelines for an Ethical Life

Leslie Booker
photograph of leslie booker

There is a tenderness that arises when we realize we belong to each other. That tenderness, embodied through sila, the Pali Buddhist term for ethics or moral conduct, manifests as a fierce showing up for one another grounded in the knowledge of how deeply our lives are intertwined. In this series, Insight teacher Leslie Booker investigates sila and the five ethical precepts as the foundation for all of our actions.

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Awakening the Fierce Feminine

Pamela Weiss
pamela weiss dharma talk

Pamela Weiss, author of A Bigger Sky: Awakening a Fierce Feminine Buddhism, shares stories of Buddhist women who illuminate how feminine energy can support people in their practice. These often overlooked figures exemplify qualities cultivated on the Buddhist path and provide an important counterbalance to the historically patriarchal tradition.

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Concern without Panic

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
tenzin wangyal rinpoche dharma

Threats to health and well-being can instill in us deep-seated feelings of anxiety and concern for our safety and that of those around us. In this Dharma Talk series, the Bön Buddhist master Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teaches meditation practices that can help us respond to those emotions from a place of calm awareness instead of fear.

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Building a Strong Foundation: Four Guided Meditations

Lama Aria Drolma
lama aria drolma

Join Lama Aria Drolma, a Tibetan Buddhist nun, to learn—or revisit—four meditation practices that form the building blocks of practice for many Buddhist traditions. Lama Drolma will provide ways to nourish our focus and non-reactivity, mindfulness of bodily sensations, and lovingkindness and compassion.

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Overcoming Difficult Emotions in a Chaotic World

Bhante Buddharakkhita
overcoming difficult emotions

The Buddha emphasized the need to cultivate an inner peace that is independent from external conditions. Bhante Buddharakkhita, who leads an emergent Theravada Buddhist community in his home country of Uganda, will guide us through mindfulness meditations for weathering the emotional storms of a turbulent world.

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