Clark Strand is a former Zen Buddhist monk and the author of Seeds From a Birch Tree: Writing Haiku and the Spiritual Journey (originally published in 1998 as The Wooden Bowl); Meditation Without Gurus: A Guide to the Heart of Practice (1997); and How to Believe in God: Whether You Believe in Religion or Not (2009). A contributing editor for Tricycle, Strand has written and taught widely throughout America and Japan. In January of 2000, he founded the Koans of the Bible Study Group, an inter-religious community that used Buddhist teaching and practice to recover the prajnaparamita (transcendent wisdom) teachings of the Western spiritual canon. It was during this process that he stumbled upon Green Meditation.

Strand now serves as founding teacher of the Green Meditation Society based in Woodstock, New York, an organization dedicated to helping Buddhists recover the eco-spiritual teachings of their own tradition. For information on further classes, workshops, retreats, and study groups, stay tuned to the Tricycle Community, or join Green Meditation Society on Facebook.