Times of great uncertainty and disruption call for an appropriate response. An Ecosattva is a being committed to protecting and serving all, including our precious earth. We can all walk this path, responding to the cry of the earth with clarity and dedication to the interdependent wellbeing of ourselves, our communities and our planet. In this talk, we will explore how compassion and equanimity work together to keep us balanced, grounded and resourced. Without equanimity, we can engage to an extent that we burn out or get lost in the situation. And fierce compassion gives us the courage to stand up to injustice while also grounding our equanimity in the real suffering that is ever-present so that our hearts stay open and connected to the wholesome nectar of loving kindness and deep care.

Kaira Jewel Lingo is a dharma teacher who teaches in the Plum Village Zen tradition and in the Vipassana tradition. Living as an ordained nun for 15 years, she trained closely with her teacher, Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. Her teaching focuses on activists, educators, artists, youth and families, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and includes the interweaving of art, play, nature, ecology, and embodied mindfulness practice.