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Mindfulness and Murder

Tom Waller

Mindfulness and Murder (Sop-Mai-Ngeap) is an award-winning feature film based on a series of murder mystery novels by former Bangkok Post writer Nick Wilgus. When a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the Abbot recruits Father Ananda, a former policeman, to investigate the case. He discovers all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok.

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Former Film Club Selections

Manufactured Landscapes

Jennifer Baichwal

An eco-conscious documentary in the spirit of An Inconvenient Truth, Manufactured Landscapes follows the world and work of the artist Edward Burtynsky. Burtynsky’s large-scale photographs of civilization’s materials and debris—quarries, factories, mines, dams—encourage thoughtful reflection on the ways we impact our planet.

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Chaitanya Tamhane

Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court is an absurdist portrait of injustice, caste prejudice, and venal politics in contemporary India. An elderly folk singer and grassroots organizer dubbed the “people’s poet,” is arrested on a charge of inciting a sewage worker to commit suicide.

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Last Train Home

Lixie Fan

Over the last half-century, China has ascended to the position of economic royalty on the world stage. The country now has over 260 million migrant workers. Each spring, over 130 million people return home to their villages for the New Year’s holiday, the largest human migration in the world. Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Lixin Fan follows one couple who has trekked this journey for two decades, leaving behind their two infant children—now teens—for brutal factory jobs.

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Richie Mehta

Mahendra Saini is a Delhi street peddler and zipper repairman in dire straits. His business has stalled and, in an economic pinch, he recruits his 12-year old son Siddharth to earn a second income. When Siddharth goes missing, a byzantine search through the streets, social services, and civic bureaucracy begins.

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