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In a lineage, what is it that is passed on? The answer to this question becomes incredibly complex and articulated over time as one participates with the teacher and other human beings in dharma practice and just plain ordinary life. The experience becomes so multifaceted and nuanced that it is inexpressible.

– Sandy Boucher, “Rivers of Constant Movement”

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Winter 2019

Tricycle’s Winter 2019 issue brings together Buddhist viewpoints and stories from around the world. Yuko Wakayama Yamada, vice abbess of a Soto Zen monastery in Tokyo, writes about converting from Catholicism to Zen; Insight Meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein explains why getting what we crave will not lead to happiness; and writer Hawa Allan reviews Grace Will Lead Us Home—Jennifer Berry Hawes’s book about the aftermath of the 2015 Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina—from a Buddhist perspective. What’s more, the Australia-based Tibetan Buddhist teacher Khentrul Rinpoche offers a practice on getting along with people who hold different views from our own—just in time for the holidays.

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Timeless teachings. Modern methods.

Mon Refugees from Myanmar Build a Buddhist Community in Akron, Ohio

Dhamma Wheel

Dhamma Wheel is a program of daily contemplation designed to deepen your understanding of Buddhist wisdom and gradually integrate it into your meditation practice and your life.

With Andrew Olendzki

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narayan helen libenson teaching meditative inquiry

Good Question! The Art of Meditative Inquiry

Narayan Helen Liebenson

The Buddha encouraged us to investigate our experiences, but some ways of questioning mire us in confusion while others are liberating. Dharma and Insight Meditation teacher Narayan Helen Liebenson helps us distinguish skillful from unskillful types of inquiry and approach life’s deepest questions with a spirit of wholesome curiosity.

Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

Eastern Memories

Journey into Asia’s past and present in this ode to societal impermanence, a sweeping visual odyssey in Mongolia and Japan narrated by the diaries of the 19th-century Finnish traveler and linguist G. J. Ramstedt.

Martti Kaartinen and Niklas Kullström


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