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Stop Resisting Sadness

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Learn to write from the place in which spiritual work happens, first by cultivating an attitude of open heartedness, curiosity, wonder, and fearlessness, then by creating work expressing those qualities.

With Sallie Tisdale

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Tricycle's Meditation Group, Weekly in May

Tricycle’s Meditation Group

Join us weekly in May for guided meditations with renowned teacher, Sharon Salzberg, based on her book Real Life: The Journey from Isolation to Openness and Freedom.

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Not One and Not Two

Not One and Not Two follows the intersecting stories of Young-mok, a Zen practitioner ill with an unknown disease, and his artist girlfriend, Seon-hwa. Oscillating between two narratives, the film poses the question: while individuals are not the same, are they not so different, either?

Directed by SEO BoHyung


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