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If we really understand that nothing lasts and that everything is unreal and illusory, then letting go is easy. Actually, it happens by itself without effort.

– Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, “The Secret Strength of Sadness”


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Summer 2022

Tricycle’s latest issue looks at Buddhism’s unanswered questions and gives advice for aspiring bodhisattvas. It also offers teachings on grief and friendship and the meaning of refuge. In “Making Our Own Jewels,” the late Teri Dillion offers a reflection on how her practice changed during her terminal illness. In “Partial Equanimity,” writer Jay Caspian Kang discusses Buddhsim and the Asian American identity with Chenxing Han. “How Meditation Failed Me” explores psychotherapist Mark Epstein’s struggles with the return of a childhood stammer.  And in “Leaving the Palace,” Ann Tashi Slater compares growing up as a woman to Buddhist renunciation. Other features include Suzuki Roshi’s comments on war, a Zen practitioner’s sojourn in a sweat lodge; the meaning of the vajra in practice and ritual; and teachings on patience and mindful journaling.

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joshua bee alafia

The Three Beautiful Roots: Cultivating the Three Wholesome Qualities in Unwholesome Times

Joshua Bee Alafia

How can we find the courage to have alobha, to give freely without attachment; adosa, to let go of aversion and punitive actions and live with integrity; and amoha, to gain insight into the nature of things without delusion? In this dharma talk, we will learn to practice the three beautiful branches of dana (giving), sila (moral integrity), and bhavana (cultivation, meditation), and to live as heart-centrically as we can.

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the lion's roar

The Lion’s Roar

Originally released in 1985 in 16mm and beautifully remastered in 2021, The Lion’s Roar is an intimate portrait of the late 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

By Mark Elliott


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