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Awakening the enlightened mind may not be a question of self-improvement, which is never-ending; it may be a question of faith, which is always available right now.

– Hannah Tennant-Moore, “Buddhism’s Higher Power”

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Summer 2019

Tricycle‘s Summer 2019 issue offers a wealth of perspectives on both modern Western Buddhism and modern Western society at large. Media studies scholar Bernhard Pörksen takes a critical look at how new forms of media affect our perceptions of spiritual teachers in “Unmasking the Guru”; creative writing professor Daisy Hernández sheds light on a central Buddhist teaching’s importance amid our culture’s troubling rise in xenophobia; Pure Land minister Jeff Wilson shares a view of global interdependence unique to his tradition; and more.

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Nagarjuna’s Wisdom: The Middle Way

Barry Kerzin

In his masterwork Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way, the ancient Indian philosopher Nagarjuna offered enduring lessons on the core Buddhist concepts of emptiness and dependent arising. In this series, Barry Kerzin, the Dalai Lama’s personal physician, guides us through Nagarjuna’s teachings that would eventually come to define the Mahayana tradition.

Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

Holy (un)Holy River

The sacred Ganges river, a spiritual and ecological lifesource in India, has become one of the most contaminated rivers in the world. On a journey from its source in Himalayan glaciers to its outlet in the Bay of Bengal, three American filmmakers explore the fragile state of “Ma Ganga” (Mother Ganges) and interview those fighting for its future.

By Jake Norton, Pete McBride


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