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We keep assuming that because things aren’t bringing us happiness, they’re the wrong things, rather than recognizing that the pursuit itself is futile—that regardless of what we achieve in the pursuit of stuff, it’s never going to bring about an enduring state of happiness.

– Daniel Gilbert, “The Pleasure Paradox”

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In the Summer 2017 issue of Tricycle a Buddhist priest and a Muslim activist join forces to discuss the rise of nativism in “Dialogue Across Difference”; Paul Hawken offers his “100 Best Climate Solutions—And Why They’re Going to Work” in an era of ecological destruction; and the abbot of the Zen Center of Los Angeles advises us to “Hold to the Center!” when things blow up around us. 

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Dharma Talks

Video teachings and discussions with contemporary Buddhist teachers

Acknowledging the Spiritual Bypass

Acknowledging the Spiritual Bypass

Mindy Newman

In this retreat, mental health counselor and meditation teacher Mindy Newman will identify the places in our practice where we might inadvertently succumb to what is commonly referred to as “spiritual bypassing.”


Tricycle wisdom in e-book format

Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, vol. 3

Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, vol. 3

The third volume of Tricycle Teachings: Meditation offers a selection of the clearest and most helpful meditation instructions from Pema Chödrön, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and many others. The guidance of these master meditators will help you start or reinvigorate a daily meditation practice.

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Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community



Tharlo is a Tibetan shepherd who lives a secluded life in the mountains. But after spending a night at a karaoke bar in town with a young hairdresser named Yangsto, his simple existence is turned upside down. Directed by renowned filmmaker Pema Tseden, Tharlo depicts the struggle of a man—one with little experience with the vices of smoking, drinking, and casual sex—in love with someone very different from himself.

Directed by Pema Tseden

Online Courses

Timeless teachings. Modern methods.

Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony

In ancient India, the Buddha came to realize that the underlying cause of conflict is, in fact, a thorn lodged deeply within our own heart and mind. In this 8-week course, Buddhist scholar and teacher Andrew Olendzki will guide us through the historical Buddha's teachings on how to dislodge that thorn. We'll explore his advice for dealing with conflict, fear, pain, and violence, and discover our innate capacity to live together peacefully.

With Andrew Olendzki
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