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Loss is a fact of life. Impermanence is everywhere we look. We are all going to suffer our losses. How we deal with these losses is what makes all the difference. For it is not what happens to us that determines our character, our experience, our karma, and our destiny, but how we relate to what happens.

– Lama Surya Das, “Practicing With Loss”

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Tricycle’s Fall 2018 issue visits themes of heightened sensitivity for Buddhists today and offers illuminating stories about Buddhist history, transmission, and philosophy. In “Brown Body, White Sangha,” college professor Atia Sattar explains how a traditional mindfulness of the body practice reveals white sanghas’ painful racial blindness; Buddhist teacher Ken McLeod addresses Buddhism’s elephant in the room—abusive teacher-student relationships—by explaining the Vajrayana path; we uncover Tibet’s hidden lineage of vegetarianism; and discuss the future of Buddhism’s foundational texts.

This issue also features a dharma talk from Tibetan Buddhist teacher Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche on why we must sustain an open, loving heart; a call for social and political engagement from the respected Theravada monk Bhikkhu Bodhi; and instructions from Phakchok Rinpoche on cultivating a confident, dignified mind.

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The Essence of Awakening

Why do we suffer? And how can we restructure our worldview in a way that aligns with the way things really are and leads to less dissatisfaction? Tackle these questions from a Mahayana Buddhist perspective in our newest course, where we will deconstruct what we “know” to be true and learn how to cultivate the wisdom of selflessness, emptiness, and compassion.

With John Dunne

Dharma Talks

Video teachings and discussions with contemporary Buddhist teachers

Reshaping How We See Ourselves

Reshaping How We See Ourselves

Qalvy Grainzvolt

Everyone has a story about who they really are. Depending on how we write our stories, they can take a heavy toll on our mental and spiritual well-being—or they can liberate us. The Shinnyo-en Buddhist priest Qalvy Grainzvolt shares how the stories of those we look up to most—the Buddha, his disciples, or other role models—can help us inform and rewrite our self-narratives in ways that inspire confidence, compassion, and freedom from cages of our own making.

Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

In Exile

In Exile

Documentarian Tin Win Naing has made great sacrifices to oppose social injustice. In 2009, two years after filming political footage during Myanmar’s Saffron Revolution, the political dissident was forced to flee his homeland, leaving his wife, children, and friends to seek asylum in neighboring Thailand. Naing’s award-winning documentary, inspired by his own experiences of hardship and persecution, chronicles the lives of Burmese migrant workers who struggle to keep their morale and livelihood amid the grueling working conditions on the Thai plantations where they eke out a living.

Directed by Tin Win Naing


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