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Meeting Crisis with Compassion


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Embrace Life without Limitation

Real Life

This is a six-part online course about the journey from isolation and contraction to connection and expansion. Enroll today to walk this path with Sharon beginning November 13.

With Sharon Salzberg

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Wandering...But Not Lost Mingyur Rinpoche

Wandering … But Not Lost

Wandering . . . But Not Lost is an intimate account of beloved meditation teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s 4-1/2-year retreat as a homeless yogi. Renouncing the comforts of monastery life, he begs for food, seeks shelter, and even survives a near-death experience—challenges that ultimately offer a unique opportunity for insight into the nature of mind.

By Paul MacGowan


Conversations with contemporary Buddhist leaders & thinkers

Meeting Crisis with Compassion

Meeting Crisis with Compassion

In this episode of Life As It Is, meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer explores how contemplative practice can expand our capacity to respond to a world in crisis.

With Oren Jay Sofer


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