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As you walk from room to room in your own home, try to really experience the transition of traveling from one place to another. Notice the differences between motion and stillness. Sense how you relate to various enclosures and open spaces.

– Gary Thorp, “Crossing the Threshold”

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The Winter 2017 issue takes on contemporary questions of justice. Former monk and Tibetan psychologist Lopsang Rapgay and secular Buddhism pioneer Stephen Batchelor discuss aspects of recent teacher-student abuse allegations; Australian nun Ayya Yeshe reveals the pervasive sexism in many Buddhist communities; and Zen priest and professor Kurt Spellmeyer addresses the rise of nativism worldwide with a little help from Nagarjuna. 

Bonus: In this issue’s This Buddhist Life, you’ll hear from an ex-Buddhist nun on her love of full-body latex. You won’t want to miss it.

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Dharma Talks

Video teachings and discussions with contemporary Buddhist teachers

Moving beyond the Mirage: Practicing with Buddhism’s Five Aggregates

Moving beyond the Mirage: Practicing with Buddhism’s Five Aggregates

Pascal Auclair

Do you have a difficult relationship with your thoughts? Your body? The feelings that visit you time and time again? Welcome to the club. In this dharma talk series, Pascal Auclair, a cofounder of True North Insight in Ontario, Canada, presents methods outlined by the Buddha in the Phena Sutta that can help you find congruence among body, heart, and mind.


Tricycle wisdom in e-book format

Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, vol. 3

The third volume of Tricycle Teachings: Meditation offers a selection of the clearest and most helpful meditation instructions from Pema Chödrön, Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and many others. The guidance of these master meditators will help you start or reinvigorate a daily meditation practice.

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Film Club

Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

One Mind

One Mind

Imagine devoting eight hours every day, 365 days a year, to silent contemplation in every task you do. One Mind offers a window onto life at one of China’s most austere and revered Chan monasteries, Zhenru Chan Monastery, whose cloistered monks continue to uphold a strict code established over 1,200 years ago by the founding patriarchs of Chan.

Directed by Edward Burger

Online Courses

Timeless teachings. Modern methods.

RAIN: The Nourishing Art of Mindful Inquiry

RAIN: The Nourishing Art of Mindful Inquiry

Emotions are so wrapped up with our everyday experience that the two often seem inseparable. RAIN, a widely used approach developed by Vipassana teacher Michele McDonald, offers practitioners of all skill levels a way to investigate our emotional lives, so we can better regulate the instinctive reactions that cause stress and confusion.

With Michele McDonald
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