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The Four Noble Truths: Living Life with Purpose


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How Can We Learn About the World?

The Good Life

The key message of this course is that if we want to live well, we need to engage with life in ethical ways. This is an enlivening journey that also brings happiness, purpose, and solace with it. Seen in this way, the whole of the Buddhist path becomes an ethical project.

With John Peacock and Akincano Weber

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The Conditions for Ethical Well-Being and Happiness

John Peacock

Why do ethics matter? As soon as we ask the questions ‘How do we live?’ and “What do we do?’ we are in the territory of ethics. Are Buddhist ethics simply reducible to the so-called ‘ethical’ (sīla) portion of the Ennobling Eightfold Path (speech, action, livelihood)? Or is the whole of the path, all eight […]

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Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle community

Khata: Purity or Poison?

What happens when a sacred object, like the Khata, becomes ubiquitous? Today, the most common raw material for the Khata is a synthetic chemical fiber called polyester. Due to the widespread use of Khata in everyday common practices, discarded Khata can be found in rivers and lakes all across the larger Himalayan world. Many animals die from eating them, especially during the winter when grass become scarce. Fish and birds often get caught and die in the threads of the Khata. This ethnographic documentary film explores the paradoxical relationship between the meaning of Khata and its materiality, between purity and poison, with the aim of raising awareness of the unintended consequences of our good intentions.

Directed by Dr. Huatse Gyal


Conversations with contemporary Buddhist leaders & thinkers

Everyday Enlightenment

Everyday Enlightenment

Mindfulness educator Susan Kaiser Greenland offers practical tools for getting out of our own way and tapping into our innate goodness.

With Susan Kaiser Greenland


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