RE: When do you lie?


“It’s okay to lie if it’s to save my life or someone I care for.”
Carol Ann Stockton
Vocalist and environmental activist 
Poulsbo, Washington


“I’m human, I have mind and ego. And of course I have lied and do. And because I do, I practice. So we practice “no mind” to minimize harm and we follow the precepts as a reminder of our direction, of how to keep our way.”
Nancy Brown
Guiding Teacher at New Haven Zen Center 
New Haven, Connecticut


“When do I lie? As soon as I start answering this question.”
David Nichtern
New York, New York


“I try to think of the scriptures, in which the Buddha tells the story of hunters chasing a deer ask two by-standers where the deer went. One bystander says the deer went one way, the other says he went another way. They lie, but the intention is not to harm.”
Barbara Brodsky 
Guiding Teacher of Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry 
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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