Daily Dharma

When feelings of fear or discomfort arise in the practice, as they sometimes do, we treat them [by] experiencing the feelings in a nonattached way, surrounding them with mindfulness and lovingkindness, and realizing that they are not ultimately a part of us.

– Bodhipaksa, “What You’re Made Of”

Peace and clarity arrive through understanding patterns and the underlying nature of our minds, rather than through stopping our thoughts, achieving some special state, or having a particular experience. When we remember and trust this, letting go of our expectations and ideas, we can find more space to refocus and recommit to our daily practice.

– Oren Jay Sofer, “Why Can’t I Get to the Cushion?”

In this world where everyone dies, where every song ends, where every achievement is undone, where every treasure is lost, all of us are left behind. All of us leave. But everywhere and always there is the hum of continuing. Though always incomplete, always there is the sound of love, forever and at the core unfinished.

– Douglas Penick, “On the Departure of a Beloved Brother”

By the time it gets to war, violence is already way down the line. But in the same way love can also start right here, in the home in each one of us. We need to learn ways of expressing the pure energy of our feelings—anger and hate feelings especially—in a healthier direction that’s beneficial to the world.

– Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston by Trevor Carolan, “Helping Veterans Turn War into Art”

Your problems won’t change; only you can change. That’s the point.

– Gento Steve Krieger, “Growing Ground”

Nonviolence is not some exalted regimen that can be practiced only by a monk or a master; it also pertains to the way one interacts with a child, vacuums a carpet, or waits in line.

– Kenneth Kraft, “Meditation in Action”
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