Daily Dharma

When we talk about “cleansing karma,” we sometimes have this illusion that we’re going to wash it all off and it’s going to go away. But what we really do is cleanse our relationship with it… We drop our old ways of responding and our old traps of habit energy. 

– A talk by Kyogen Carlson, edited by Sallie Jiko Tisdale, “When Ghosts Come Back to Haunt Us”

Because living our real best life is tethered to our intention to be happy and free and to help everyone else be happy and free, we don’t have to feel ashamed, regretful, or guilty, even when we make mistakes or forget our blessings. We can learn from our actions and start again and again. 

– Kimberly Brown, “Living Your Real Best Life”

While sitting zazen, but also when we go back out into the world, our eyes can be mirrors, as we see all the world’s struggle and chaos. The endless separate things and scenes of this world are all, always, the mirror.

– Jundo Cohen, “Mind as Mirror”

Right understanding (and right functioning) of the mind does not come from thinking, but from actively and attentively observing the complex constellation of energies and activities of mind.

– Stuart Smithers, “Minding the Storehouse”

Remember that the spiritual path is delicious, fruitful work. If you are struggling in your meditation practice, you are on the path.

– Jessica Angima, “The High of New Beginnings—and the Joy of What Comes Next”

What we call self-awareness comes via the detour we take when we encounter others, who show us to ourselves from a new angle. The differences we find in our world, then, offer us the priceless opportunity to become something more than we are now.

– Kurt Spellmeyer, “Globalism 3.0”
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