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Upcoming Events

Discovering Buddhist Medicine: Dr. Pierce Salguero on the Healing Knowledge of the Dharma

On October 10, explore the fascinating world of Buddhist medicine with Dr. Pierce Salguero, a Buddhism scholar, historian of medicine, and editor of Buddhism and Medicine: An Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Sources. In this hour-long virtual event, he will discuss the emergence of Buddhist healing practices across cultures and its current practice around the world, and will share key Buddhist principles for seeking health and preventing disease.

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Walking with the Buddha: A Pilgrimage to India & Nepal

Take a once-in-a-lifetime journey to visit these sacred sites across Northern India and Nepal. On this special triple-carbon-offset pilgrimage, coming up December 3-18, you’ll visit some of Buddhism’s most holy places with an intimate group of like-minded seekers and practitioners.

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Past Events

Mastering the Art of Haiku

Join us for a virtual workshop exploring haiku, an accessible but profound style of poetry. Your seasoned guide for this workshop is Clark Strand, a writer and teacher with 45 years of experience with haiku. He is the author of Seeds From a Birch Tree: Writing Haiku and the Spiritual Journey, the leader of Tricycle’s monthly haiku challenge, and teacher of a new Tricycle online course, Learn to Write Haiku: Mastering the Ancient Art of Serious Play.

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Concern for All Beings: Tara Brach on Plant-Based Eating

What does the dharma say about vegetarianism? How might plant-based eating support our spiritual practice? On August 26, join Tara Brach and Tricycle‘s editor-in-chief, James Shaheen, for a conversation about these and other important questions at the intersection of our dietary choices and spiritual path.

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Decoding Tantric Art: A Conversation with Jeff Watt

On July 28, Jeff Watt, a leading scholar of Himalayan art and founding curator of the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, joins Tricycle for a virtual event exploring the sacred art of the tantric tradition.

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Listening to Buddhist Texts: A Conversation with Sarah Shaw

In this hour-long event, Buddhism scholar Sarah Shaw offered an introduction to the Dīghanikāya and demonstrated the unique spiritual and historic insights that emerge when we engage with Buddhist suttas as oral literature.

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Mindful Grieving: A 3-Part Workshop with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sameet Kumar 

The past two years of global pandemic, war, and financial hardship have posed unique challenges to so many people. We have all experienced loss, grief, and trauma in varying degrees. 

For some of us, these years have brought back difficult memories of previous losses, or stalled our healing process from difficulties we had experienced before.

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The Zen of Emptiness

The doctrine of emptiness is at the heart of Zen Buddhism and all Buddhist traditions.

As important—and potentially liberating—as the teachings on emptiness are, they also tend to inspire hesitancy and misunderstanding, even among experienced practitioners. 

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The Buddhism and Ecology Summit: Living the Dharma in a Time of Crisis

In honor of Earth Day 2022, Tricycle is bringing together leading Buddhist teachers, writers, and environmentalists—including Joanna Macy, Roshi Joan Halifax, David Loy, Paul Hawken and Tara Brach—for a donation-based weeklong virtual event series exploring what the dharma has to offer in a time of environmental crisis

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What Happens After Death

A Virtual Conversation on Buddhism and Rebirth with Prof. Roger Jackson

In conversation with Tricycle Editor-in-Chief James Shaheen, Jackson will discuss the historical context for the Buddha’s teachings on rebirth, modern secular interpretations of the doctrine of rebirth, the range of Buddhist views about what happens after death, and more.

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Small Glimpses, Many Times 

An Effortless Mindfulness Workshop with Loch Kelly

In this 90-minute virtual workshop with mindfulness teacher Loch Kelly, you’ll learn simple and effective “micro-meditations” based in Buddhist wisdom, psychology, and neuroscience research.

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The Shin Buddhist Path of Boundless Compassion

A Virtual Conversation with Mark Unno

How can we learn to meet the darkest moments of our lives with boundless compassion? Mark Unno—a fourteenth generation Shin Buddhist priest and professor of Buddhism at the

University of Oregon—and Tricycle editor-in-chief James Shaheen for a virtual conversation on the concept of compassion in Shin Buddhism.

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Compassion in the Face of Impermanence

A Virtual Workshop with Martine Batchelor, Laura Bridgman and Gavin Milne

Gaia House meditation teachers Martine Batchelor, Laura Bridgman and Gavin Milne offer Buddhist teachings and a guided practice for cultivating direct insight into the changing, selfless nature of reality while nurturing heart qualities.

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Mindfulness For Kids and Families

A Virtual Workshop with Sharon Salzberg and The Holistic Life Foundation

Join Tricycle’s workshop, Mindfulness For Families, to discover simple, fun techniques that you can use with your kids—in the moment—to release stress and difficult emotions while promoting relaxation and resilience.

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Buddhism's Four Big Unanswered Questions: An event with Donald S. Lopez Jr.

Buddhism’s Four Big Unanswered Questions

A Conversation with Donald S. Lopez

Donald S. Lopez joined Tricycle’s editor-in-chief, James Shaheen for a virtual conversation on Buddhism’s Four Big Unanswered Questions. They discussed these questions, offered some possible answers, and considered the importance of the investigation itself.

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Revamp: Writings on Secular Buddhism by Winton Higgins

Secular Buddhism Today: A Conversation with Winton Higgins and James Shaheen

Secular Buddhism Today was the inaugural event in Tricycle’s new monthly speaker series featuring Buddhist scholars, teachers, and wSecular Buddhism Today: An Event with Winton Higginsriters in conversation on some of the most pressing issues in Buddhism today. All events in this series are free for Tricycle Premium subscribers.

In this special event, Insight Meditation teacher and scholar Winton Higgins discussed themes from his new book Revamp: Writings on Secular Buddhism, which explores the emergence of secular Buddhism and its application to contemporary issues including the climate crisis and social injustice.

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Secularizing Buddhism – A Virtual Event Series

Secularizing Buddhism

A donation-based virtual event series

Tricycle and Shambhala Publications hosted a live speaker series to celebrate the launch of the new anthology, Secularizing Buddhism: New Perspectives on a Dynamic Tradition. In this week-long conversation series, Buddhist scholars and practitioners explored the complex interactions between traditional Buddhism and modern secularism, from the integration of mindfulness into American schools to the question of rebirth.

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