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A Little Wisdom

Yuqi Kang

Glimpse the lives of children raised in Buddhist monasteries by following five-year-old Hopakuli and his older brother Chorten, two novice monks living in Lumbini, Nepal, as they navigate homesickness and infuse the rigors of a monastic lifestyle with youthful joy and imagination.

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Gulshat Omarova

The darkhans of Buryatia, a Buddhist region of Siberia, were craftsmen and blacksmiths revered for their artistic skills and shamanistic ability. Today, Dashi Namdakov, a descendant of darkhans, is an internationally renowned artist and sculptor who infuses his work with shamanism, Buddhism, and Buryat mythology.

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Rituals of Resistance

Tenzin Phuntsog, Joy Dietrich
rituals of resistance

Three generations of Tibetans have adopted distinct modes of resistance to the Chinese government’s occupation of their homeland. In this documentary, individuals from each generation navigate the choice between violent and nonviolent activism.

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Zen for Nothing

Werner Penzel

Sabine, a Swiss actress, joins life at a small Soto Zen monastery in Japan to learn more about herself. The beautiful photography and sometimes difficult discoveries are interspersed with quotations from the eminent Zen master Kodo Sawaki.

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Mountains May Depart

Jia Zhangke

This three-part saga, seen through the eyes of Tao, a young woman from Shanxi province in North China, captures the social and economic changes rapidly transforming Tao’s home country as forces of globalization test her family’s relationships and upend her life.

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My Soul Drifts Light Upon A Sea of Trees

Heinrich Dahms
my soul drifts light upon a sea of trees

After losing two friends and an uncle to suicide, Zen priest Itettsu Nemoto made it his life’s mission to support those struggling with depression and suicidal behavior. My Soul Drifts Light upon a Sea of Trees follows three of the hundreds of people Nemoto has counseled as their lives are transformed by his holistic, community-based approach to suicide prevention.

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