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Pani: Women, Drugs and Kathmandu

Raul Gallego Abellan

In Kathmandu, life for female opioid addicts is hard. Addicted to the street drug pani and shunned by society, many turn to sex work and petty crime to survive. This documentary follows eight brave women who strive to recover against heavy odds and the former users who help them along the way.

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Almost Sunrise

Michael Collins

In this Emmy-nominated documentary, two friends haunted by their combat experiences in Iraq embark on a 2,700-mile pilgrimage across America. Step by step, they confront the “moral injury” of war and discover the transformative power of meditation and community.

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Tibet: The Trail of Light

Hamid Sardar

Itinerant Tibetan nun Ani Rigsang leaves Lhasa with a thirst for freedom from monastic tradition and Chinese surveillance, embarking on a journey across the rural landscape of eastern Tibet in search of initiation into secret tantric practices. At a hidden nunnery she finds an esoteric tradition kept alive through centuries of isolation.

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Defining Hope

Carolyn Jones

In a pioneering New York City hospice, dying patients gain agency over their end-of-life decisions and offer illuminating lessons on what is most important in life.

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Holy (un)Holy River

Jake Norton, Pete McBride

The sacred Ganges river, a spiritual and ecological lifesource in India, has become one of the most contaminated rivers in the world. On a journey from its source in Himalayan glaciers to its outlet in the Bay of Bengal, three American filmmakers explore the fragile state of “Ma Ganga” (Mother Ganges) and interview those fighting for its future.

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