Everything that exists depends on everything else: this is the heart of the Buddha’s core teaching of dependent arising. 

All things are conditioned by other factors—they don’t just arise out of nowhere. A flower needs the conditions of sunlight, soil, and water to grow, just as a calm mind requires the condition of relaxation. This is common sense. But if we follow this important teaching all the way, it guides us to a profound and liberating view of life.

Join Bodhi College cofounders Christina Feldman and Akincano Weber on June 13 for a free virtual workshop exploring dependent arising as the bedrock of Buddhist wisdom. In this hour-long Zoom event, they will offer a dharma talk taking a fresh look at this traditional teaching, plus a guided practice session and audience Q&A. Bring your questions and learn more about their upcoming course diving deeper into the topic of dependent arising! 

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Christina Feldman

Christina Feldman is a co-founder of Gaia House and a guiding teacher emeritus at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. The author of a number of books, she has been teaching insight meditation retreats internationally since 1976. She is one of the teaching faculty of the CPP program, dedicated to the study and application of the early teachings of the Buddha. She also teaches on the Buddhist psychological foundations of mindfulness to those training to teach mindfulness-based applications in England, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Christina’s recent books include Boundless Heart: The Buddha’s Path of Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity and Mindfulness: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Psychology, with William Kuyken.

Akincano Weber

Akincano Weber is a Swiss Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. A former monk, he has lived and practiced for 20 years in European and Thai Forest monasteries. Particular interests are early Buddhist texts, stillness and contemplative psychology. He is guiding teacher at Atammaya Cologne, in Germany, part of the CPP program, the MBSR-Institute Freiburg and teaches meditation and Buddhist Psychology in secular and traditional contexts in Europe and overseas.


  • Date: June 13–28, 2022
  • Time: 1:00PM EST
  • Format: Live virtual webinar on Zoom
  • Price: $10 General Admission | Free for Premium Subscribers
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