Living The Eightfold Path: A Workshop with Andrew Olendzki

The noble eightfold path is the very heart of Buddhist wisdom. Set forth by the Buddha in his first teaching at Deer Park, this eight-step path provides a set of practical directives for liberating ourselves from suffering.

As modern practitioners, how can we engage with this ancient path and apply its wisdom in our daily lives?

A powerful approach is to work with the Buddha’s core teachings in their original wording. Join us on December 10 to discover the eightfold path and the practice of sutta study in Living The Eightfold Path: A Live Virtual Workshop with Andrew Olendzki. Guided by a leading scholar of early Buddhist thought, this workshop will offer guidance in studying passages from the early Pali texts and working with them in a way that keeps your practice alive.

Geared toward new and experienced practitioners alike, this workshop will include a dharma talk, a guided reflection on one step of the eightfold path, and audience Q&A session.

Workshop participants will receive a special discount on Dhamma Wheel, Olendzki’s year-long daily contemplative study email program.

This donation-based workshop will be held on Zoom on December 10, 2021 from 3-4 pm EST.

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Andrew Olendzki Headshot

Andrew Olendzki

Andrew Olendzki is a professor at Lesley University in Cambridge MA, and the director of its Mindfulness Studies program. He is a scholar of early Buddhist thought and practice with a special interest in Buddhist psychology and its relevance to the modern world. Prior to joining Lesley he worked for almost thirty years in Barre, MA, first as the original executive director of the Insight Meditation Society and then as executive director and senior scholar at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, where his focus was upon the integration of academic study with the practice of meditation. During this time he also held recurring adjunct faculty positions at many New England colleges, including Amherst, Brandeis, Harvard, Smith, and Lesley, and was on the faculty at Wesleyan University and Hampshire College.


  • Date: December 10, 2021
  • Time: 3-4 PM EST
  • Format: Live Zoom Webinar
  • Price: By Donation
  • Watch the Recording