Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka with Tricycle and Andrew Olendzki, January 4-15, 2024

Immerse yourself in the cultural and spiritual heritage of the “Island of Gems” next January on this 12-day pilgrimage to Sri Lanka. A country of ancient archeological sites and breathtaking beauty, Sri Lanka has one of the world’s oldest and deepest Buddhist traditions.

This triple-carbon-offset pilgrimage is coming up January 4-15, 2024. Joined by Buddhist scholar and teacher Andrew Olendzki, we’ll explore historic Buddhist temples and ruins, soak up the beauty of the region’s rich forests and national parks, and integrate Buddhist study.

“Our visit to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka will be an integrated study and practice experience,” says Olendzki. “We will be learning about how the classical Buddhist teachings made their way to Sri Lanka from India during the time of King Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE, and how the island welcomed and nurtured the early tradition as the winds of change and innovation swept across North India. Many of the sites we visit are important landmarks in the process of transmission, and we will refer to the ancient chronicles of these events as we tour the island.”

In addition to daily sessions with Olendzki, we’ll be accompanied by Phil Ryan, executive editor of Tricycle; Sri Lankan expert Chandima Wanasinghe; and RetreaTours owners BJ Graf and Lauren Rathvon.

Sustainability is our priority. RetreaTours is officially a Carbonfree® Partner with Their “carbon negative” commitment means that throughout every step of the pilgrimage, RetreaTours offsets more carbon than is produced, making this trip as sustainable as it will be memorable.

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  • Date: January 04–15, 2024
  • Time:
  • Format: Pilgrimage
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