Reaching Our Full Potential: A Coversation with Sharon Salzberg and Megan Mook

We might often feel alone, cut off, trapped in our own constricted mind states, or defined by the circumstances of our lives. But depending on how we approach these difficulties, they can steer us onto a path toward a more authentic, flourishing life — living in a way that allows us to find the wholeness that lies within.

Our words, hearts, and actions can line up with a larger vision, rather than the smaller views our anxious, fearful thoughts arouse in us. With compassion, we see we can open to suffering — our own and others’ — without getting engulfed by it, and we also remember to take in the joy.  We can come to see that loving presence is the most healing force of all.

Sharon Salzberg’s newest book, Real Life: The Journey From Isolation to Openness and Freedom, offers us a road map to step forward on our own path to freedom. To find our way, Salzberg encourages us to find out what’s most important to us, to ask ourselves, “What do I most deeply yearn for?” “What would I benefit from letting go of?” “What do I believe is possible for me?”

Join us on October 2 for a free virtual conversation with Sharon and Buddhist scholar and teacher Megan Mook about how we can prepare for and embark on a journey to freedom and openness – what we’ll need, what we’ll leave behind, and how we can connect with a greater sense of community. In this hour-long conversation, they will explore with us the ways in which we can begin to open to our own greatest potential.

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Sharon Salzberg Headshot

Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation pioneer, world-renowned teacher, and New York Times bestselling author. She is among the first to bring mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation to mainstream American culture nearly 50 years ago, inspiring generations of meditation teachers and wellness influencers. Sharon is co-founder of The Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, and the author of thirteen books, including the New York Times bestseller Real Happiness, now in its second edition, and her seminal work, Lovingkindness. In 2023, Sharon is releasing two new books. The first, Real Life, is now available from Flatiron Books in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook formats. The second, Finding Your Way, is a small gift book coming in October from Workman Publishing. Sharon’s podcast, The Metta Hour, has amassed six million downloads and features interviews with thought leaders from the mindfulness movement and beyond.

Megan Mook Headshot

Megan Mook

A long-term student of both Tibetan Buddhism and yoga, Megan Mook holds a Master’s in Buddhist Studies, and has traveled extensively pursuing Dharma, yoga, and herbalism. A member of the Tibetan Translators Guild of New York, Megan has worked on Tibetan scriptural translations with Dr. Robert Thurman and Dr. Lozang Jamspal, an 87 year old Tibetan Lama with whom Megan studied and traveled for several years. Megan regularly offers Buddhist philosophy classes and meditation retreats, and leads international pilgrimages for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.


  • Date: October 2, 2023
  • Time:
  • Format: Zoom Webinar
  • Price: By donation