Alexander Berzin

Alexander Berzin received a doctorate in Buddhist Studies at Harvard University in 1972 and has studied with masters from all four Tibetan lineages. For twenty-nine years, he lived with the Tibetan refugee community in India, working under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, principally as a Dharma translator. He has been a Dharma teacher since 1982. His most recent books include Taking the Kalachakra Initiation and Developing Balanced Sensitivity (both published by Snow Lion). He currently lives and teaches in Berlin, Germany.

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Practical Advice Regarding Spiritual Teachers

When the spiritual seeker and the teacher come from different cultures, accommodations on both sides are required. But can guru devotion—essential to Tibetan Buddhism and one of the most problematic issues for Westerners—find its place in the West? This question becomes particularly thorny in the United States, where mistrust of authority is historically indigenous and […]

By Alexander Berzin
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