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— Episode #14

Interconnectedness with Nature

With Dekila Chungyalpa
Interconnectedness with Nature

Dekila Chungyalpa is a conservation scientist and director of the Loka Initiative, a faith-based, climate-activism program. In this episode, Dekila shares a practice to strengthen our interconnectedness with the natural world using awareness and breathing.

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— Episode #13

Bringing Our Practice into the Workplace  

With Pamela Weiss
Bringing Our Practice into the Workplace  

Pamela Weiss is a teacher in the Insight Meditation and Soto Zen Buddhist traditions and the founder of Appropriate Response, an organization dedicated to bringing mindful awareness to the workplace. In this two-part episode, Pamela leads a before and after work meditation to help integrate our practice into our daily life and work. 

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— Episode #12

Be a Walking Buddha

With Mindy Newman
Be a Walking Buddha

Mindy Newman is a psychotherapist and a meditation teacher at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. In this episode, Mindy leads a walking meditation to help cultivate love and compassion for all beings we may encounter. 

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— Episode #11

Goodnight Metta

With Sumi Loundon Kim
Goodnight Metta

Sumi Loundon Kim is the Buddhist chaplain at Yale University and a long-time student of the Theravada tradition. In this episode, Sumi leads a bedtime meditation on lovingkindness for the family and children. 

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the monk chiken in front of mount fuji in the film tenzo


Soto Zen monks Chiken and Ryugyo, two classmates, grapple with the trauma of Japan's post-Fukushima socio-economic crisis while trying to lead their respective temples. Tenzo freely blends fact and fiction in a genre-bending experimental tale based on real Soto Zen monks.

By Katsuya Tomita


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