Protesters call on the government to resign in Bangkok. They call the current leader, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, a puppet of former P.M. Thaksin Shinawatra. There’s more displeasure with the government in Korea, where Buddhists accuse President Lee Myung-bak of Christian bias. Mr. Lee, in power since February, is an elder of the Presbyterian church and has included several members of his church in his cabinet.

Official figures show South Korea has about 10 million Buddhists and 13.7 million Christians.

“This Government is trying to evangelise the whole country and turn it into a Protestant state,” said protester Suk Jin-heung, carrying a banner demanding the resignation of the police chief.

He said many Protestant leaders were under the illusion that the country became a Protestant state when Mr Lee was elected.

“But Lee must know he is not President only for Protestants but for Buddhists and Catholics too, and unbelievers as well.”

The BBC has photos from the protests.

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