The Buddhist Publishing Group, in Totnes, England, has been publishing Buddhism Now since 1989, two full years before Tricycle appeared. Like Tricycle, Buddhism Now covers a number of Buddhist traditions, and is available now in digital form (it’s free, you can see it here). Two of Buddhism Now‘s founders, Dick and Diana St. Ruth, were the first to distribute Tricycle in the UK and Europe. Today, the online magazine leads with the late Korean master Kusan Sunim’s “Chant the Wind.” It appears on the occasion of Rohatsu (literally, “the 8th day of the 12th month”), which marks the day of the Buddha’s enlightenment:

I venture to suggest to this assembly: ‘Even in a dirty place the true nature of all beings is always pure.’ It is like a lotus flower unsmeared by muddy water. In an accomplished per­son it does not increase and in a sentient being it does not decrease. So, have you com­pletely awakened to it or not? The wise person, say something! Truly, what is this thing? HAK! You must observe the moon over the shadowless ground and chant the wind, then you will realise it! (Trans. by Stephen and Martine Batchelor)

Read the rest here.

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