We were very lucky to welcome Dr. Stuart Lord, the President of Naropa University, to the Tricycle office this morning. In just under two years at the university, Dr. Lord has transformed the school in fundamental ways and has even bigger plans for the future. When he arrived, Naropa faced severe budget challenges, but now has a budget surplus, and Dr. Lord hopes to put this money to good use improving the student experience.

With his emphasis on service-learning and engaging with the world, Dr. Lord—who continues to teach a course on civic engagement while running the university—will offer future Naropa students a broader, more diverse experience that will get them off the college campus and into the world for at least some of their time at Naropa.

We thank Dr. Lord for taking the time out of his busy itinerary to visit with us, and we hope to report more on his work at Naropa very soon!

Learn more about Naropa University—the first Buddhist-inspired university in the West—here. Read about his inauguration in 2009 here.

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