Insight meditation teacher Gil Fronsdal has answered the top three questions from visitors to They’re here.

BURMA: A very brief piece says Aung San Suu Kyi is ready to cooperate with the government “in the interest of the nation.” Boycott Chevron. The UN says diplomatic progress is being made in Burma, while the Bangkok Post calls the nation a graveyard of diplomats (presumably metaphorically.)

TIBET: Politicians the world over are snubbing China in favor of the Dalai Lama, say NOW magazine. What’s up? And hold onto your hats, Chinese experts on Tibet say the DL is misrepresenting Tibet and the Tibetan people! Whoa, stop the presses, man!

MEDITATION: Here’s 20 tips for beginning meditators from Todd Goldfarb of We the Change by way of zenhabits. (In May zenhabits posted 10 benefits of rising early, which may lead to happiness.) And Susan Smalley of HuffPo calls meditation the seatbelt of mental health. Ok, so what’s the airbag?

– Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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