Jeff BridgesBy way of Danny Fisher and Rod Meade Sperry at Shambhala SunSpace, some news comes our way: Pick up your Sioux City Sarsparilla or White Russian (Caucasian) and mosey on over to take a gander at this:

Evoking his character in 1998’s “The Big Lebowski,” Jeff Bridges will co-write a book of Zen teachings, to be published later this year. “The Dude and the Zen Master,” co-written by Bridges (the Dude) and Bernie Glassman (the Zen Master), promises to be a set of casual exchanges on life, film and trying to do good. The book is coming in November from Blue Rider Press, an imprint at Penguin.

Stay tuned for more on this book! Katy Butler interviewed Jeff Bridges for Tricycle in our Fall 2010 issue (“The Natural“) and we followed it up with two filmed conversations, casual exchanges between the Dude and the Zen Master, here. Along the way we became friends with the Dudely Lama (see him wigging out here.) He and his religion, Dudeism, get a shout-out in the LA Times article.

Photograph by Michael Muller

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