It’s getting a bit repetitive talking about arrests in Burma but the world needs to keep condemning the junta for human rights violations such as this outrage:

A regional human rights body has condemned the Burmese military rulers for arbitrarily sentencing two lawyers, who were acting as defence counsels for political activists and called for their immediate release.

Could there be a more grotesque mockery of due process than jailing defense lawyers? Maybe the junta asking for the people’s faith in their road map to democracy while madly jailing dissidents?

An incredibly brave lone protestor silently demonstrated in Rangoon:

A lone demonstrator staged a silent protest in front of detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party headquarters Saturday demanding the military government free all student activists as the country celebrated its National Day.

The holiday commemorates a boycott by Yangon University students 88 years ago in defiance of British colonial rule, a protest that inspired Myanmar’s independence movement.

Although the government does not hold any public events to mark the day, Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy regularly celebrates with a party.

Before the celebration, party member Min Thein walked into the middle of the street in front of the party headquarters and stood silently with a placard reading, “Release Min Ko Naing and other political prisoners.”

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