Thaksin Shinawatra

Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was convicted of corruption in a Bangkok court and sentenced to two years in prison. Good thing for him he’s not in the country right now. It may just be pandering to the protesters:

Although the infraction was relatively minor and the details of the case obscure to many Thais, the court’s decision set the tone for further confrontation between the current government, which has links to Mr. Thaksin, and anti-government protesters who have barricaded and occupied the prime minister’s office compound since August, leading the government to conduct its business in Bangkok’s former international airport.

Protesters cheered when the verdict was read. Thaksin’s in England, but $2 billion of his assets are frozen in Thailand.

Here’s on AP report on the case. And here are some facts on Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thailand is also working hard to repair ties with Cambodia and contain their border crisis. They’re currently battling over a piece of land that includes a Buddhist temple, as reported earlier. Danny Fisher has reported extensively on this.

[Image: CBS News]

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