Nothing is permanent, everything is precious. Here’s a selection of some happenings—fleeting or otherwise—at Tricycle and in the Buddhist world this week

A Reflection on Saying Goodbye to God 

Buddhist practitioner and writer Laurie Fisher Huck reflects on how she had to unlearn the habit of relying on God—or some external all-powerful savior—to save her. Read here

The Winners of June’s Haiku Challenge 

For June’s haiku challenge, poets had to craft a poem using the summer season word “plum.”  Read the winning haiku here, and then submit your own haiku for a chance to be featured on our website and in the print magazine. 

Week Three of July’s Dharma Talk: “Telling Truths and Letting Go”

In week three of this month’s Dharma Talk, “Living in Our Money-Driven Society: Navigating a Path to Awakening,” Gina LaRoche and Jen Cohen discuss how to break free from the money trap. Watch here.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s Essay on Objectification 

The American Theravada Buddhist monk discusses the complicated term papanca, and why thoughts of “I am” or “I am the thinker” lead to inner and outer conflict. Read here.

Coming Up

July 28: Decoding Tantric Art: A Conversation with Jeff Watt

Join Jeff Watt, a leading scholar of Himalayan art and founding curator of the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, for a virtual event exploring the sacred art of the tantric tradition from 4-5pm EST on July 28. Register here.

August 16: Exploring Liminal Spaces: A Workshop with Andrew Holecek

Tibetan Buddhist author and scholar Andrew Holecek will lead a workshop on August 16, from 4-5pm EST, on navigating liminal spaces through the lens of the Tibetan dream yoga and bardo teachings. Register here.

In Other News

Dutch Art Collector Must Return Buddha Statue to China

A Chinese court ruled that Dutch art collector Oscar van Overeem must return a Buddhist statue that contains the mummified remains of a famous monk to the villages of Yangchun and Dongpu in Fujian province after it disappeared from a local temple in 1995. Van Overeem claims he bought the statue legally in Hong Kong, but has no receipt for the purchase.

Four More Spaces Available at Donation-Based Dharma Gates Retreat

Dharma Gates will hold the donation-based retreat for young adults from August 3-7. Not a silent retreat, this five-day session is meant for sangha and exploring meditation through relationships and engagement with the world.

Myanmar-Born Developers Create Anti-Coup Simulation Video Game

Proceeds from the video game “War of Heroes” have gone to displaced people and local defense groups in Myanmar.

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