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Wake Up and Roar

Satsang with H.W.L. PoonjaVolume 1Pacific Center Press: Maui, 1992.171 pp., $12.00 (paper).Wake Up and RoarSatsang with H.W.L. PoonjaVolume 2Pacific Center Press: Maui, 1993.175 pp., $12.00 (paper). Once, in the midst of a particularly poignant time in her psychotherapy, a patient of mine asked if she could tape-record her therapy sessions to listen to on her […]

By Mark Epstein


My Father’s Guru

MY FATHER’S GURU: A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Addison Wesley: New York, 1993. 174 pp., $20.00 (hardback). IT WOULD BE A MISTAKE to dismiss Jeffrey Masson. The psychoanalytic community would like to do so, because of his radical critique of Freud’s abandonment of the seduction theory in The Assault on Truth: […]

By Mark Epstein
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