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Working with Difficult Emotions

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In Tricycle’s 2016 Meditation Month series, meditation teacher Spring Washam will take you through four guided meditations. Her guided meditation series, “Beginning Again,” focuses on what causes us stress and working with difficult emotions, as well as tips and advice for starting a daily practice.

In the first talk, Spring discusses meditation’s advantages of quieting the mind in today’s stressful world before leading you in a guided meditation. In the second guided meditation, Spring explains the importance of knowing what we’re practicing when we meditate. “What we’re doing is developing concentration, we’re developing a mind that is paying attention, versus a mind that is lost,” Spring explains in the video. For the third week, Spring explains the importance of connecting to the body as one of the main tenets of mindfulness. In the fourth and final week, Spring discusses what to do when you experience difficult emotions or other challenges during your practice.

Spring Washam is a meditation teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center. Spring has studied Buddhist meditation and philosophy since 1997 with Theravada and Tibetan masters, and completed a six-year teacher training course with Jack Kornfield. She is committed to bringing mindfulness practices to diverse and disenfranchised communities.