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Water the Seeds of Enlightenment with Patience

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Patience, one of Buddhism’s ten paramis (perfections), is a steadying force that supports us during times of trial and stress. Insight Meditation teacher Dawn Scott explains how to cultivate this noble and essential attribute and how it can reveal a wealth of meaning in everyday experiences. She explains patience is not gritting our teeth and white-knuckling it through difficulty or challenge. True, complete, mature patience, or khanti parami, trains us in nonreactivity that helps us to be in relationship to the way things actually are without causing harm.

Dawn Scott is a graduate of Insight Meditation Society’s teacher training program, a co-principal teacher of Marin Sangha, a core teacher of Spirit Rock’s Advanced Practitioner Program, and served as the Family Program Coordinator at Spirit Rock Meditation Center for eight years. She is a co-teacher of Love & Liberation, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and Insight Meditation’s joint year-long program, slated to start in early 2022. Dawn has a deep love of long retreat practice and the Buddha’s liberative teachings.