12-4-4-1-1David R. Loy [“What Are You Really Afraid Of?” and “Why We Love War”] reflects on the interface between traditional Buddhist teachings and contemporary issues: “Buddhist insights must inform, and be informed by, what the modern social sciences have discovered about human motivation and interaction. That dialogue is still in its infancy, but it is essential to clarify what Buddhism has to offer at this crucial moment in history. I believe that Buddhism today shouldn’t focus only on personal transformation. Buddhist teachings also have important implications for the way we understand institutions. The world needs its insights, but in a modern vocabulary.”




12-4-4-2-1Tri Luu, whose portfolio of monastic life in Southeast Asia appears in this issue, tells us, “The more time I spent in monasteries, the more I became attuned to the inner peace and happiness of the monks and novices, which manifested itself in the simple beauty of their daily lives. Through my photographs, I am able to show their spiritual world by means of the physical world of their everyday environments. I am only a photographer. I am not trying to change the world. I simply want to share the happiness, peace, and knowledge that I have discovered in my ongoing journey.”

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