1. Wat Buddhawararam, Denver, Colorado, founded in 1976, a former church (Theravada). © Rachel Antell.

2. Chuang-yen, Carmel, New York, founded in 1975 (Chinese Tientai, Zen, and Pure Land Buddhism). © Wen-Jie Qin.

3. Seumi Sha Buddhist Temple, Tacoma, Washington (Korean Zen). © Finnley D. Macdonald.

4. Ch’an Meditation Center, Elmhurst, New York, founded in 1976, a former “five-and-dime” store (Rinzai and Soto Zen).© Wen-Jie Qin.

5. International Meditation Center, Westminister, Maryland, founded in 1989, modeled on a Burmese pagoda (Theravada). International Meditation Center.

6. Denver Zen Center, Denver, Colorado, founded in 1974 (Rinzai and Soto Zen). © Rachel Antell.

7. Diamond Hill Zen Monastery, Providence Zen Center, Cumberland, Rhode Island, founded in 1984 (Zen). Providence Zen Center.

8. Wat Khmer Metta, Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1990, a former apartment building (Theravada). © Dr. Paul Numrich.

9. Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, Santa Rosa, California, founded in 1973, a former barn (Zen). Sonoma Mountain Zen Center.

10. Aryaloka Retreat and Study Center, Newmarket, New Hampshire, founded in 1985 (non-sectarian). Aryaloka Retreat Center.

11. Dharma Rain Zen Center, Portland, Oregon, founded in 1976, a former Mormon church built in 1915 (Soto Zen). Dharma Rain Zen Center.

12. Zen Buddhist Temple, Ann Arbor, Michigan, founded 1982, a former fraternity and boarding house built in 1911 (Zen). Zen Buddhist Temple.

13. Vermont Zen Center, Shelburne, Vermont, founded in 1988 (Zen). Vermont Zen Center.

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